We connected buyers to the latest innovations from Bosch and Siemens.

The exhibition for Europe’s largest independent electrical buying group, Euronics, was a fantastic opportunity for BSH to showcase some of their latest innovative technologies in their home appliances. It was also the perfect opportunity to highlight exactly what elevates Bosch and Siemens above their competitors, with an experience that showcases their product differentials in an innovative and creative way.

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  • Motion Design
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Creative collaboration is the key

Working together with The Manual, a brand experience agency, we used projected image-mapping to bring the Bosch brand experience to life. Carefully curated footage was used to illustrate some of the key environmental benefits of the sustainable technology in Bosch’s most energy efficient home appliances.

3D and motion, creates emotion

HyperVSN 3D holographic technology was used to bring alive an area of the Siemens brand experience. The iQ700 oven range has a feature that can cook up to 50% quicker than conventional steam, which was illustrated with simple, clear messaging and stylised icons that appeared to come out of the screen towards the viewer at the show.

Experts in elevating the experience

We created a comprehensive video reel to summarise the range of innovative features and key benefits from across the categories of Siemens home appliances. This content was then displayed using a large hanging screen, that was clearly visible from across the exhibition hall delivering real standout for the brand.

Crafted content serves up tasty results

An engaging piece of footage that the studio developed from concept to final production, showcased the Steam Function Plus for the new Bosch range of ovens. This was created by filming vegetables on an automated turntable for compositing which we turned into a film that played out on the oven tower. The result was a unique piece of eye-catching content that engaged and entertained.

We're delighted with how One brought the exhibition to life for us. Many on the team believe these CIH stands stand out as some of the best we've ever executed.

Catherine Bevan Dunn BSH, Trade Marketing Manager

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