We delivered the first ever Indian grab and go to hit the British high street.

Introducing Papa-Dum, authentic, healthy and bold street flavours delivered with speed and style. Located in the heart of London, it’s a revolutionary repositioning of a traditional British Indian take-away, created to meet the needs of modern consumers, it’s 70% veg, 40% vegan, with some meaty options too, as well as being cashless.

  • Brand Comms
  • Brand Creation
  • Interior Collaboration
  • Website Design
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Inspired by tradition and rich flavours

We created the branding to reflect the Papa-Dum essence of heritage mixed with modern India, drawing inspiration from deep flavour, rich colour, organic floral patterns and the pace of contemporary Indian life. The logo is a unique typeface design evoking subcontinental letter forms and temple architecture.

Inspired eating freshly delivered

Working with the owner Hiren Bagdai, and partnering with interior design agency Tanner, we helped deliver the full customer journey experience from brand creation to the first outlet opening. We’ve also created packaging, advertising and social media assets as well as the website showcasing the diversity of dishes that are offered.

As a key part of the Papa-Dum family, One embrace the essence of our brand with so much creativity, energy and enthusiasm. It’s a pleasure working with you!

Hiren Bagdai Papadum, Owner

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