Creating festive content for a wider audience.

We crafted an entertaining and engaging festive campaign for Bosch, that was viewed by over 6 million TikTok users during the lead up to Christmas!

by Debbie Irvine on 14/11/2022

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Our brief was to create engaging video content in an ad form that would capture the attention of the intended audience during the busy Christmas period. As an agency, we’re aware of the meteoric rise of TikTok working in tandem with the shortening attention span of consumers on social media. This was in addition to another layer to consider – the festive period and the increase in festive-themed content that brands put out.


We put our creative minds together in a brainstorming session, coming up with ideas to fit the client brief, incorporating as many different appliance categories as possible. As TikTok was a new platform for Bosch, we wanted to ensure that the creatives we proposed were fit for purpose on the platform – quick, humorous, and easy to digest.

Creating festive content for a wider audience.

Shoot Logistics 

Following discussions with the client, and agreement on which ideas would be taken forward into production, we began sourcing talent and suitable locations for filming; one location was the home of the Account Director on Bosch, as she has many Bosch kitchen appliances herself!

The 2-day shoot was directed by Steve Oakey, our Creative Director, and filmed by Scott, our in-house Graphic Designer and an experienced videographer. The aim of the shoot was to ensure the content did not look too contrived, as if it was user-generated from a mobile device through the use of quick, snappy camera movements and lots of fun, close-up shots.

We sourced talent for the 3 separate TikTok videos through Casting Collective Agency and all three models were fantastic to work with, bringing huge personalities and differing skills to the shoots. In particular, Dot, the 83-year old tea bag thrower, was a hit with all of the team with her infectious personality and comedic quips, which translated into the best performing creative on the platform.

The Results

The campaign, which ran for over three weeks, was seen by 6million+ accounts, with the CPM (cost per 1,000 views) lower than the benchmark for this period. The Sky Kettle creative performed best initially and due to this, TikTok optimised towards this creative, resulting in it receiving the highest reach and impressions of all the ads in the campaign. TikTok relies on engaging creative and, most importantly, quick content and can produce incredible results for brands that master the algorithm.

Client Quote

We had so much fun working with One on this campaign, and loved how they brought the creative alive!

Zac Alalouff (Digital Marekting Exec)

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