The new way to shop.

After visiting Situ Live store in Westfield, London, we've been pondering the evolution of consumer habits and how brands are adapting their marketing strategies to appeal to them.

by Chloe George on 02/05/2023

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Situ Live coins itself as an ‘immersive playhouse’ and we are wholeheartedly in agreeance with this. The store boasts numerous brands over a range of demographic and psychographic targets and displays them in a way to fully envelope shoppers in the experience as they test out products for themselves. In a digital age where you can order anything from groceries, to a car, from the touch of a button while multitasking watching television as you’re perched on your sofa; the excitement of going into a shop to buy items has lost its appeal. To be able to not only browse the shelves in person, but see demonstrations, test the product out for yourself and ask experts all the questions you need to; it’s opened a world of possibility for retail and how brands are able to market their products.

Experiential Shopping 

It’s been reported that UK retailers have been hit hard by a footfall decline post-pandemic; largely down to the cost of living crisis. Retail footfall witnessed a 5.9% decline since emergence from the pandemic in 2021, and a 11.1% decline from 2019 levels. With online shopping now to the go-to for most consumers, it’s easy to shop-around online to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, as well as taking advantage of discount codes and other reward schemes. But when buying large appliances, or in general appliances for the home, it can feel more reassuring to put them to the test before buying. Technology, as advanced as it is in the modern age, can still be a let-down; and home appliances and tech are often the hardest to return. This is where experiential shopping spaces really shine.

The new way to shop.

Bosch Home Appliances 

Large appliances such as washing machines, ovens and tumble dryers can be tested out – like Situ’s Bosch range – all while grilling the experts on the products and having demonstrations of how everything works. Smaller appliances are often part of live-demonstrations such as cooking recipes in house so you can really see how effective a blender is at making a smooth soup, for example.

Get The Full Experience 

This engaged style of shoppers offers relief from endless scrolling, and a new way to enjoy in-store shopping. Being able to physically see, touch, and experience products elevates the reassurance and trust in your buying choice beyond reading reviews online that can often be incentivised. Along with shop assistants that want to give you the full experience on how to transform your kitchen, your gaming room or even your whole home; immersive shopping experiences may just be the ticket to revitalising the high street.

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Chloe George / Junior Account Manager

With a degree in Film & Television studies, and a passion for writing and social media, Chloe loves to use her creative thinking to research, explore trends, and write.

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