Why speaking to your home appliances is the future, and why it isn’t lazy to do so.

Many people are refrained from learning about the usefulness of IoT gadgets (‘Internet of Things’), “they're just gimmicks,” “why do I need that when I can do it myself,” “that's just being lazy.” We explore why voice assistant is so much more than just letting AI do the work for you.

by Paolo Ventrone on 08/03/2021

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What is the ultimate goal of smart technology?

By automating aspects of our lives through technology, we’re able to in theory at least, get tasks done quicker. Could you imagine for example doing complex calculations of your finances without a calculator? Getting tasks done quicker gives us more time to live. Whether that’s cooking with the family, reading bedtime stories, watching a film with a loved one (once the world opens up again, we can agree on activities outside the home). Technology is there to give us more time to live, make tasks easier and minimise errors.

So why do we need voice assisted technology?

Voice is the next stage in the evolution of smart tech. Being able to command your lights to turn on, to play Spotify or warm up your car windscreen on a cold frosty morning. But what does the voice assistant add, if the ultimate goal of smart tech is to make our lives easier? Siri, Alexa, Google’s Assistant all add an almost-humane voice to our gadgets. They make it easier to communicate with other devices, that some of us may perhaps find difficult to use. Any of us who are physically impaired can gain greater confidence in using our voice to improve quality of lives, to access things that were perhaps unattainable previously. But the key here, is that voice helps us to communicate with all devices. Over time, we’ll become more connected to our homes than ever before. And the need for this will only grow, as technology itself becomes more sophisticated. The so-called ‘computer language’ will become our own voice.

Why speaking to your home appliances is the future, and why it isn’t lazy to do so.

Why is voice assisted technology so useful?

Some corners of the technology industry believe the Digital Age is coming to an end, the next era of Computing will stretch our minds and bodies further than we have ever been. Whilst quantum computers become the norm, so too will AI in our everyday lives. Suddenly voice activated smart gadgets will be old hat and our lives will be changed forever. Until that time comes, we can improve efficiencies in our lives by embracing technology, as much or as little as we want to. By giving customers examples of the key benefits we can open minds to new possibilities.

•  Setting the mood in their homes with simple smart lighting. “Alexa, its movie night.”

•  A smart connected oven to turn on when you’ve got your hands dirty stuffing the roast. “Turn on oven to 200°”

•  Having your favourite coffee made for you, just the way you like it after a rough night. “Alexa, make me my morning coffee.”

•  Turning up the heating when you’re feeling cold, “Alexa turn heating up to 20°”

•  Washing machines that know the exact dosage to add and tumble dryers following with the correct drying method for your delicates.

•  A dishwasher that’s knows when to turn on at night to make use of cheaper energy tariffs.

•  Fridges that reorder favourite treats when you’ve run out.

•  Smart cctv showing you what that noise was outside.


If I can leave you with one final thought… As a young budding Elijah Wood once said;

“You mean you have to use your hands?”  “That’s like a baby’s toy.”

Link: Back to the Future 2: 80s Café, Wild Gunman Scene

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