Easy eco-friendly switches.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint and be more aware of the impact we are having on the planet.

by Daisey Cooke on 18/08/2021

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We are all becoming much more conscious about what we consume; after all, global warming is the biggest issue of our generation. Making switches to eco-friendly products is one of the smaller things we can do to make an everyday difference.  Whilst we want to help the planet, we don’t want to make changes that are going to make our life more difficult or time consuming. We’ve collated our favourite eco-friendly, but effortless, product switches.

Eco-friendly cleaning

Cleaning products are something we use on a daily basis in our homes, but they can typically be full of nasties, and packaged in single use plastic. Method have turned the cleaning game on its head with their range of spray cleaners, laundry detergents, soaps and more. The packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic and the product from all naturally derived; non-toxic, paraben-free and biodegradable ingredients.

Going one step further, OceanSaver sell plant based, non-toxic cleaning refills that transform to a liquid cleaner when added to water, cutting out the need to keep re-purchasing a bottle with each product and therefore eliminating plastics.

Ditch damaging deodorants

Standard deodorants are full of chemicals; Wild natural deodorants are kind to your skin and the planet. They consist of a reusable aluminium case and 100% plastic free, compostable refills – and they smell amazing!

Easy eco-friendly switches.

Plastic free teabags

Who knew that even teabags contain plastic?! The nation consumes 60.2 billion cups of tea yearly, and if like us you’re on multiple cups a day, that’s a complete waste of unnecessary plastics. The good news is that plastic free teabags are easy to pick up in the supermarket – PG Tips, Yorkshire Tea and Clipper are all made from plant-based materials and provide a great cuppa.

Reusable sandwich bags

Foil, clingfilm and typical sandwich bags all contribute a huge amount of waste each day! With reusable ones you can store everything from sandwiches to leftovers, to raw meat and they’re freezer friendly too. Simply wash in hot soapy water when you’re doing your washing up and they’re ready to be re-used. You can get unbranded versions all over the internet, or from established brand, Stasher.

Reusable travel mugs

Single use receptacles should be a thing of the past. Reusable travel mugs are not only practical in keeping your drink warm, they also eliminate any waste and can be used time and time again. Our favourites are KeepCup, Chilly’s and Circular&Co.

Exceptional Energy

Something we often don’t consider is the carbon footprint of some of the larger companies we purchase from, such as utility providers. Octopus Energy are an energy provider whose electricity all comes from 100% renewable sources like sun, wind and water. This is probably the easiest switch of all, it won’t affect you in any way at all, other than knowing you’re doing good for the planet.

How are you making a positive impact? You might have a sustainable product and are looking for the right branding or an established brand looking to be more responsible and make changes – whichever challenge you are facing, we’d love to help. 

Image Source: https://methodproducts.co.uk / https://www.ocean-saver.com / https://uk.keepcup.com

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