Not all paint is made equal | Sustainable paint brands.

Consumers are becoming much more conscious about the products and goods they are purchasing, consuming and using. While this provides opportunities for some, others fall by the wayside, unable to keep up with ever-changing demands.

by Daisey Cooke on 09/08/2021

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We’ve seen the rise of questioning where our food comes from, veganism and whether the factory workers making clothing are being paid a fair wage. This has now evolved into questioning the materials our furniture is made from, and even what’s in our paint cans.

This conscious consumerism challenges brands, either forcing them to make changes, or opening up a gap in the market for new brands, which fit the bill.

In the past, ‘sustainable’ products were out of reach for many, either not easy to get hold of or too expensive. However, more recently this gap has been closing with consumers happy to pay the price for a higher quality product – which give them a clear conscience.  Similarly, online shopping has become just as convenient, if not more so, as popping to the shops.

The global pandemic forced us to become online shoppers overnight and many larger brands found themselves with stock or delivery issues. However, these smaller, eco-friendly brands, already solely trading online had their customer journey mapped out and perfected. They were ready and waiting, saying, ‘Hello we are here, and guess what – we have stock!’

Unfortunately, the traditional likes of Dulux and Crown aren’t quite cutting in it anymore, in terms of what ingredients are in the paint, and the containers themselves.

We take a look at the top contenders, pioneering the way for eco-friendly paints.


Little Greene

Little Greene is an independent, British paint manufacturer, founded in 1773 and committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high-quality paints and wallpapers. They were also one of the first UK paint manufacturers to achieve the European environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001.

Their paint tins are made using over 50% recycled steel and can be recycled again. They continually look at their waste and processes and have achieved waste reduction of 57% in the last three years.

Their heritage plays into their branding, with a very traditional look and feel, appealing to an older audience who will be aware of their longevity in the market. 

Not all paint is made equal | Sustainable paint brands.


Leaders in their field, Coat have been Carbon Neutral since day one. Their supplies are B-Corp certified, using only 100% solvent-free paints with 360-degree infinite tin recycling.

With paint colours called ditch the tie, adulting and duvet day, Coat appeal to the younger demographic of home DIY’ers.

They’ve thought of everything, even their Peel & Stick swatches which produce 95% less waste than tester pots, are 100% adhesive free and 100% recyclable.

Coat have a clear mission: “It’s not about hugging trees. It’s having our eyes open and actively making good choices – even if they’re harder ones.”



At Lick, 100% of their supplies are either compostable, biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable and they have a strong stance on sustainability. 18g of plastic is cleaned from oceans per tin sold and their packaging boxes can be recycled up to seven times and are 100% biodegradable.

They’ve kept their range of paint colours small, to keep their offering manageable and make it easier for the consumer to find the perfect paint.

Like Coat, they also use peel-and-stick samples to eliminate waste, priced at £1 each which is far more competitive than traditional paint testers. They have colour consultants on hand for advice, and their aim is to make decorating as easy as possible.  

Launched during the pandemic, Lick are making waves in the paint industry, and their minimal, sleek look and feel and can which differs itself from others in the market, all add to their success.


Sustainability is the future. What are you doing to ensure your brand is keeping astride of changing consumer demands. We hold an ISO14001 accreditation for our company environmental policy, which in turn helps us to pursue solutions for our clients that help the environment and benefit society.

We’d love to hear your challenges, get in touch if you’d like to speak to our team.


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